Spread Your Cheer! Your Christmas Gift Buying Guide From Wild Secrets (2022)

Santa Baby
Just slip a kink couch under the tree
For me
Been an awful good girl
Santa Baby
And hurry down the chimney tonight…

It’s that time of the year again – the time where we have the chance to show the people we love how much they mean to us. Yes, there’s birthdays, and anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Day, but especially in the western world, Christmas can feel like an equal mix of opportunity and obligation. We all want to give the perfect Christmas gift, but finding time to both think one up and then buy it in the midst of everything else that comes with adulting can be a challenge.

We asked our Wild Secrets Sexperts what gifts they’d like to receive and, what they’d consider giving as a Christmas gift to a special someone, and put together this very adult Christmas gift buying guide. So, if you want to give the gift of love, lust and/or yourself to get your holiday season off to a sensual start, check out the suggestions below.

The Wild Secrets Advent Calendar makes a great Christmas gift!
We mention it a bit further down but we do have an advent calendar covering all 12 days of Christmas. It’s packed full of vibrating toys and some other goodies for your holiday festivities – whatever they are!

Best Value Adult Christmas Gift Options

Everyone’s on a budget, but there’s a lot you can get without splurging megabucks. If you’re looking for an assortment, or something to give out to friends for a bit of fun, here’s our best budget Christmas gifts for fun loving adults of all ages.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

California Exotic 3″ Lipstick Bullet Vibrator

A hand with painted nails holds the Lipstick Bullet VibratorThis discreet travel vibrator with 10 vibration functions masquerades as a tube of lipstick. Perfect for pleasure on the go, and both powerful and whisper quiet, this pocket rocket is body safe and phthalate free. It also comes with a handy travel-lock so it only goes off when you want it to.

Like its namesake, the Lipstick Bullet Vibrator is great for use on the lips. Just don’t expect any staining other than what you provide yourself.

Satisfyer 1 – Touch-Free Clitoral Stimulator

The Satisfyer 1 is a travel friendly pressure wave clitoral stimulator, brought to you by Satisfyer, the makers of the World

The Satisfyer 1 is the compact, travel ready little sister to the world’s best-selling pleasure product – the Satisfyer Pro 2. The Satisfyer 1 gives you the same touch-free pressure wave and vacuum tech that mimics great oral sex, this clitoral stimulator is waterproof, body-safe, and is a budget friendly alternative to the bigger Pro 2.

Seven Til Midnight Intimate Detail Black Lace Chemise with G-StringThe Intimate Detail Black Lace Chemise fits a range of body sizes and is a fuller coverage option, which makes it a great Christmas gift option.

There’s more to pleasure than what you do with your bits – or her bits – and helping her feel sexy is just as important as doing something about it. We love this Chemise and G-string combination because it’s a style with more coverage, which is makes it a great Christmas gift for more body conscious individuals, and it comes in a wide range of sizes. Importantly, it also looks good on people of different body shapes. The lace panelling is slightly revealing, and the included G-string provides a matching full coverage option if she doesn’t already have a collection of sexy underwear.

Just remember to check her size using the size charts on site, and if you don’t know her measurements, you can either ask her, or just check her underwear drawer look up the size chart for one of her bra and panty sets that she does wear. For more tips, you can check out our guide on How To Shop For Sexy Lingerie.

California Exotic Waterproof Power 8.75″ Stud Rod Vibrator

The Stud Rod Vibrator is perfect for beginners exploring the world of sex toys
This Stud is a budget insertable vibe that’ll have her moaning in pleasure. With 3 vibration speeds and waterproof for adventurous play, this big boys is long, but slender enough for easy insertion. Made from body-safe PVC, this is great holiday gift for beginners looking to explore sex toys and discover what they like.

While this can be used externally by people of any gender, we don’t recommend it for anal insertion as it doesn’t have a flared base.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Frederick’s of Hollywood Beginner-Friendly Vibrating 5.1″ Butt Plug

The Fredericks of Hollywood Beginner Friendly Vibrating Butt Plug is a great Christmas Gift for men looking to explore anal pleasure. They can always upgrade if they decide they like it!This butt plug from Frederick’s of Hollywood is perfect beginner gift for some safe anal exploration. Made of body-safe silicone and plastic, this premium material offers a smoother experience, and its flared base means it’ll stay in safely. The vibration option lets you up the intensity of anal play when ready, and the premium black and gold colouration makes this look a lot more expensive than it is – especially when you buy it on sale.

California Exotic Spiral Grip Open-Sleeve Masturbator

The Spiral Grip Open Sleeve Masturbator is a great Christmas Gift on a budget - at 5This colourful, 5 inch stroker is great for adding some different sensations to a solo or partnered play session. The diagonal ridges feel great on the penis shaft and head, and the open sleeve design means it fits gentlemen of all sizes, and is easy to use for both left and right handers.

Made of body-safe, squishy TPE, this stroker is best enjoyed with water based lubricant.

Baci Mesh Panel Boxer Brief

The Baci mesh panel boxer is a great gift that brings the sexy underwear game to the man in your lifeThis sexy boxer brief for men has a simple mesh panel that showcases the penis while otherwise being a perfectly functional pair of trunks. The stretch polyester sits smoothly against your skin and these trunks are perfect for guys heading to a sexy rendezvous after work, but still needing something functional that gets them through the day. If you’re going to give socks or jocks as a Christmas gift this year, we suggest making at least some of the fun!

Our Staff Say

I own a pair of these, and my boyfriend loves them. They really are best if you shave or trim though. If you go au natural, I’d suggest going for the Baci thongMatt, Social Media Specialist

Satisfyer Men 6″ Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a gift that is definitely going to satisfy this holiday seasonThe flagship Satisfyer product for people with penises, the Satifyer Men 6” Vibrating Masturbator has 14 vibration functions, 3 intensities and 8 different rhythms to take solo sessions to new heights – both in and out of water. With two powerful motors at different positions, the Satisfyer Men can mimic the sensation of oral sex, and can also be used on a non-erect penis.

Made of body-safe silicone and featuring USB charging, this is a great value budget buy on sale this Christmas season – they’ll think you’ve spent a lot more on this gift than you did when they Google it later…

Budget Christmas Gifts For Couples

Wild Secrets Thrill Vibrating Couple’ Ring

The Wild Secrets Thrill is a gift that gives pleasure to both the partners during penetrative sexYes, it’s a cock ring, and technically it’s a men’s toy, the Thrill is specifically designed to offer 20 vibrating functions, stimulating both the wearer and their partner – the elongated shape allows it to press against the clitoris or perineum of the penetrative partner.

Waterproof for adventurous play, the Thrill is a great Christmas gift for couples that have at least one man in them, and the soft stretchy silicone helps maintain longer lasting erections for longer lasting stamina in the bedroom.

And what man doesn’t want that?

Secret Kisses Noire Lip Kit Date Night Set

The Secret Kisses Noir Set is a perfect Christmas Gift for a couple

Kiss and tell with this Noire Lip Kit Date Night Set!

Your fireside love in is sorted with the Kiss and Tell card game, and the included gold bullet vibe, sensual lace eye mask and sequined pasties with black tassles provide a range of seductive options that you’ll be enjoying long after the wrapping paper has been torn off. The black clutch can be used to store all the sexy goodies, or as an accessory in its own right, but either way, get ready for some good old-fashioned Christmas romance with Secret Kisses.

Kama Sutra 5 Pce Surprise Me Play Set for Couples

The Kama Sutra Surprise Me Kit will be both a surprise for you and your partner!

This is the Christmas gift that comes back to you in the best possible way. The Surprise Me Play Set features a blindfold for light bondage, massage oil, kissable body oil, some water-based lubricant, and set of Karma Sutra play cards.

Work your way through the cards or draw them at random to add some spice and variety to your intimate sessions. Just make sure you’re prepared to be the one with the blindfold on and getting surprised…

Strap U 10″ Semi-Realistic Vibrating Strapless Strap On Dildo

The Strap U Strapless Strap On is a great gift for adventurous couples

For female couples and adventurous heterosexual couples, strapless strap-ons provide all the fun of pegging with the bonus giving the penetrative partner as much fun as the recipient. The 10” Semi-Realistic Strapless Strap On from Strap U adds vibration to the mix with an insertable bullet vibe, without requiring the use of a harness.

Suitable for use with water-based lubricant, this strapless strap on is a great gift for those looking for some equal opportunity fun in the bedroom. If you’re concerned about holding it in, we recommend checking out our guide to Kegel exercises.

Romance Starters

When you want to say a bit more with your Christmas gift, try our romance starters. Ideal for the special someone in your life without breaking the bank, these gift ideas balance the needs of quality and cost, while still providing you with the best value for money when you’re looking to spend that little bit more.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Wild Secrets Enchant 8″ Rabbit Vibrator with Clitoral SuctionThe Wild Secrets Enchant rabbit vibrator is a premium gift at an affordable price

We made the Enchant to bring the luxury of premium silicone and gentle flex normally seen in higher end toys to and affordable rabbit vibrator. Following on from the Envy, we added in clitoral suction, while the main shaft hums with up to 3 vibration speeds, and the ridged head stimulates the G-spot from the inside. Produced in a gentle purple, the Enchant is a beautiful toy with curves reminiscent of decorative seashells and is as wonderful a display piece as it is an adult toy.

Show that you care about her pleasure with this enchanting rabbit vibrator.

Le Wand 3.5″ Whisper Quiet Vibrating Necklace

The Le Wand line of vibrating necklaces are both beautiful jewellery and a discreet pleasure device, making them a perfect, cheeky Christmas gift

The Le Wand Vibrating Necklaces come in a range of colours and chain styles, but all are a stylish piece of luxury jewellery that also happen to be a tiny, powerful bullet vibrator. The wand detaches from the chain to provide 8 whisper quiet vibration modes for discreet, external play wherever you happen to find yourselves.

Whether they like the gold, classic silver, rose gold, or stylish black, give them something beautiful this Christmas with Le Wand.

Lelo Sona Sonic Wave 3.9″ Clitoral Stimulator

The Lelo Sona was picked as an ideal Christmas gift by two of our Wild Secrets Sexperts... get yours now...

The Lelo Sona features the sonic wave and pulse technology that really sets Lelo’s products above the rest. With 8 vibration functions and a super chic design, the Lelo Sona Sonic Wave was recommended by two of our Staff, one as a gift they’d want to get, and one as gift they’d give.

Our Staff Say

“I love how pretty it is and how discreet it looks. Also you can’t beat the luxury of a Lelo” – Jane, Product Marketing

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

We-Vibe Ditto 3.5″ Vibrating Butt Plug With Remote & App

The We-Vibe Ditto is a great quality plug for any man

There’s a lot to say about the We-Vibe Ditto, but we think this review from Chris says it best:

“I actually like wearing a mask in Victoria, its great for hiding my face as this little bum rocket goes off when I’m shopping! I did drop connection in the supermarket and I couldn’t turn it off, nearly passed out at the checkout but managed to make it to the car. Next time I’ll take the remote as a back up. Five stars!” – Chris

We’re not saying you have to take this little plug out shopping with you, but we’re not not telling you to take it out shopping with you. The Ditto is made of smooth, body safe silicone, and comes with both the remote control and a smartphone app for more discreet control – or handing control over to a partner wherever in the world they happen to be. While we’ve listed it for men, it is a unisex product, and can also be used during sex for additional pleasure.

Arcwave Voy Compact Stroker with Tightness Adjustment System

The Arcwave Voy is a travel friendly masturbator that offers different sensations without needing batteries or charging

This compact, premium stroker stands out because of it’s Tightness Adjustment System – allowing you to change the way it clenches down around your penis. With 8 different pressure settings, controlled with a dial, this stroker doesn’t need power, but offers more than your regular textured sleeve. There are more sextech heavy Christmas gift options out there, but this is a great balance of function, style and price.

Our Staff Say

“There’s others out there, but this is still my go to. Your hand hasn’t evolved in like 100,000 years! Get a new grip!” – Lee, Marketing.

Shots Toys Rechargeable Automatic 11.1″ Penis Pump

This Automatic Penis Pump by Shots is great for helping avoid erection anxiety, and is a great gift if that

Get bigger at the press of a button. That’s the slogan, and this Automatic Penis Pump is great for helping men get and maintain an erection, especially when coupled with the included cock ring. And sure, they may not scream romance, but stressing over maintaining an erection can be a sure-fire romance killer.

Shots Toys’ Automatic Penis Pump takes the manual work out of the usual squeeze bulb configurations. The powered design also makes it great for men with some physical disabilities that would make using a regular pump difficult. It’s a quick, simple option that’ll let you keep your play session going with minimal interruptions, and a huge part of intimacy is being able to talk about things like this – even if we like to pretend this sort of thing isn’t needed.

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Satisfyer Endless Fun Unisex & Couple’s Multi Vibrator

The Satisfyer Endless Fun is a unisex vibrator that makes a great gift for couples of all gender makeups, and your non-binary friends

This unisex vibrator is great for everybody, and indeed, every body. We’ve put it here as a great couples’ toy, but it’s a perfect Christmas gift for your enby and gender diverse friends. With three individually controlled motors offering a total of 100 vibration combinations, we’ve come up with some 32 ways you could use this sex toy. Let us know how many you find?

Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Next Gen Clitoral Stimulator

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a cutesy Christmas Gift that also offers amazing pleasure

Satisfyer makes a wide array of vibrators and stimulators, so there’s definitely one out there for you. If you’re looking for something cute, seasonal, and that’ll look good in a tux, we suggest the Pro Penguin. It features Satisfyer’s next gen clitoral stimulation Air Pulse tech, and won’t look out of place on your chest of drawers if you accidentally leave it out when people visit.

Our Staff Say

“I like to give novelty gifts, so anything that’s reminiscent of food or an animal like the Pro Penguin! Super cute! !” – Arlene, Merchandising Specialist

Adam and Eve Fetish Dreams Intermediate Bondage Set

A bondage set is a great Christmas gift for couples wanting to start their exploration of kink and bondage

We often joke about giving yourself to your lover for Christmas, but when that’s done deeply, honestly and authentically, it’s a very special experience – and there’s more to it than tying yourself up with ribbon. Surrendering yourself to a guided pleasure experience is both a gift of body and a huge gift of trust. It’s something to be negotiated, treasured, and arguably taking responsibility for your partner’s pleasure in a nurturing way is one of the biggest Christmas gifts you can ever provide.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, consider the Adam And Eve Fetish Dreams Intermediate Bondage Set. Made of soft, quality vegan leather, the set comes with wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a padded collar for restraint, a blindfold for sensory deprivation and a paddle for sensation and impact play. Use them within whatever boundaries you’re both comfortable in, and relax into the trust and intimacy that bondage can foster between lovers.

Wild Secrets Bliss – 8.1″ Wand Massager

The Wild Secrets Bliss is a great travel sized massage wand and an ideal Christmas gift for those who haven

This travel sized wand massager is a great, unthreatening sex toy for beginners. It works for all bodies and is perfect to helping you explore your body and what you like. It’s something we all need to do more, and the hectic pace of modern life can really get in the way sometimes. Help them find their Bliss with 20 vibration patterns and 8 speeds that can be mixed and matched for some 160 combinations of pleasure. The bliss is also a great addition to foreplay to help get you in the mood for something a little hotter and heavier.

Something Special

We all have favourites, and sometimes that’s a favourite person. When you’re looking for a luxury Christmas gift to show how much you care, you want to know the gift is going to live up to the price tag. So here’s our top picks for special sex toys we know they’re going to love.

Luxury Christmas Gifts For Women

Wild Secrets Thrillseeker – Limited Edition Gift Box For Her

The Wild Secrets Thrillseeker is a perfect Christmas gift box for any vulva owner.

This not-so-little box of delights has been hand picked by us to offer a perfect selection of product for people with vulvas. Our Charm G-Spot Vibrator really hits the spot, and our much-loved Kiss Bullet Vibrator provides additional stimulation all over the body. Combined with an assortment of essentials including our sensual arousal gel and pre-packaged in a sleek, black gift box, the Thrillseeker box is the perfect option for a Christmas gift with a little bit extra.

Lelo Enigma Vibrator With G-Spot & Sonic Wave Clitoral Stimulation

The Lelo Enigma is a staff and reviewer favourite - give this as a Christmas gift and you

This is our official Smut Peddler Reviewer Carly Sophia’s favourite toy. This premium vibrator offers both internal vibrations and clitoral massage and the quality of its vibrations and air pulse is one of the best on the market. Lelo’s SensonicTM  technology provides deep, penetrating waves of pleasure, and for a little extra, you can pick up the Enigma Cruise which has brand new sextech to ensure the vibrations don’t die down when you press the vibrator into your body. Or your body into and around the vibrator. You can also check out the brand new Lelo Dot – and Carly’s review of this new, multi-orgasmic toy.

Our Staff Say

“Best luxury toy I’ve tried, the quality of the vibrations and air pulse far exceed the cheaper air pulse toys I’ve tried. 100% worth the extra money.” – Beth, Graphic Designer

Lora DiCarlo Onda Micro-Robotic G-Spot Massager

Lora DiCarlo use biomimicry to make robotic sex toys that get you off the natural way.

Honestly, the entire Lora DiCarlo range makes for great Christmas presents for anyone who likes tech – or pleasure. Micro-robotics and biomimicry don’t sound sexy, but hold up. That action that a really skilled lover does with their tongue or their fingers that feels so… wow? That’s the motion that Lora DiCarlo and her team have replicated with their tiny, robotic toys. And unlike a partner, these little toys never get a hand cramp.

Micro-robotics never sounded so sexy.

Our Staff Say

“This one is really innovative and it really does work. I love the design and I keep telling friends to get them when they’re in stock.” Cassie – Customer Service

Lelo Tiani Duo Couples Vibrator

The Lelo Tiani Duo is a true luxury couple

Lelo is a how sex toy afficionados say ‘premium quality’ and the Taini Duo is no exception. The interactive duo features two powerful motors and motion sensitive remote that changes the intensity of the vibes as you move it – or as you move it together. This C-shaped couples vibe can be used solo, but it’s designed to be used together during penetrative sex, adding to the sensations and targeting the G-spot to help you both get off.

We also really like the Tiani 2 Designer Edition, but as of our most recent update to this post there’s only 1 left, so good luck?

Either way, consideration is sexy and making sure your partner arrives? Best Christmas gift ever.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Men

Wild Secrets Daredevil – Limited Edition Gift Box For Him

The Daredevil is the perfect Christmas giftbox contains a Crave masturbator, the Dare silicone 3 piece anal training kit, water-based lube and toy cleaner

The Daredevil is our hand picked box of goodies for people with penises, based on what we know you all love. Our 2021 Sex Census gave us a lot of insights into what men want, and our Crave masturbator provides the real-feel penile pleasure men want from a toy, while the Dare anal training kit caters to the 79% of men who are already enjoying or enthusiastically considering trying “butt stuff”. We’ve also thrown in some our own water-based lube to keep everything slick and toy cleaner, all contained within a sleek black gift box for that extra touch of luxe.

Lelo Bruno Rechargeable Prostate Stimulator

The Lelo Bruno is a luxury master of all things butt stuff and a great Christmas gift for people with prostates

Speaking of “butt stuff”, it’s time to talk about Bruno. This luxury prostate massager from LELO has 2 powerful motors and 6 vibration functions all wrapped up in a super soft, smooth premium silicone. Ergonomically designed to suit your body and stimulating both the prostate and perineum, this medium sized prostate massager is the perfect luxury gift for all but the biggest size queens. For those looking for a remote-controlled option, check out the Lelo Hugo.

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker With Smart Silence

A black man lies in bed holding the Arcwave Ion in his hand

The Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker uses powerful air waves to revolutionise the male masturbation experience, targeting the very sensitive frenulum – the spot just under the head of the penis. The Ion Pleasure provides a revolutionary pleasure experience, and its Smart Silence tech means it starts – and stops – itself automatically, allowing you to simply lie back in post-orgasmic bliss, rather than fumbling for the off switch when you’re done. As one of our best selling deluxe strokers, we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a penis.

PDX Talking, Moaning & Milking 10.5″ Masturbator with Suction Base

The PDX Talking, Moaning & Milking Stroker has a ridged internal channel, a realistic vulva opening, and a suction cup base for hands free pleasure

This premium masturbator offers a hands-free, multisensory experience, with a squeezing, spiralling sleeve for the ultimate milking experience, with breathy moans and sexy talk courtesy of the included earbuds. With 10 revolving functions, 5 milking speeds and a suction mount for hands free pleasure, this toy is one of the best gifts for the seriously sexed up man.

Luxury Christmas Gifts For Couples

Wild Secrets Escape – Limited Edition Couple’s Gift Pack

The Wild Secrets Escape Couple

Plan your intimate escape today with Wild Secrets! This gift pack is designed for playing together, with our handy Kiss Bullet Vibrator for external stimulation, our strap-on compatible Desire Dildo, and the Thrill Couple’s Ring, built for partnered stimulation. Suitable for both same sex and opposite sex couples, we’ve upped the ante with two of our favourite flavoured lubes, as well as toy cleaner and non-flavoured lubricant for your non-oral play. All neatly packaged in a classy black gift box.

Take the stress out of Christmas gift selection and let the Wild Secrets experts sort you out.

B-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set

The BVibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Education Kit contains everything you need to begin your journey into anal play and massage - including a guide book, anal plug, douche and a massage wand

If you know you’re looking to explore anal sex but don’t know much about it, get the educational gift set from butt-stuff icons B-Vibe and the massage experts at Le Wand. This comprehensive set guides you through both massage and anal pleasure, and includes a wand with various pleasure attachments, weighted butt plug, anal douche, lube applicator and much, much more. For us, it’s the inclusion of the handy guidebook that’s the biggest win here, meaning you won’t get distracted by your phone, or have to sift through the entire internet to find the information you need for the pleasure you want!

We-Vibe Chorus Adjustable Couples Vibrator With App & Squeeze Remote

The We Vibe Chorus is a C shaped couple

The We-Vibe Chorus makes this Christmas gift list because of its squeeze control remote. You all love it, and it removes a distraction from your play. The Chorus also has three touch-sense modes where your movements control the vibrations, 10 built in rumbling vibration functions, and connects to We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for smart phone control. The Chorus comes in colourful, soft touch silicone, and stores away neatly in a box that also doubles as a toy charger.

If you’re looking for something a little sleeker with a modern aesthetic, we suggest you pick up one of the Lelo Tiani models. The Tiani 2 Designer edition would normally be up here in the more expensive category, but we featured it above because it’s currently on sale. Merry Christmas!

Sex Positioning Furniture

As many discovered when How To Build A Sex Room aired, there are options available for making sex easier. Height differences often mean that some positions are better than others and that’s where sex positioning furniture comes in. We hesitated in including this one because sex furniture is typically expensive, requires you have space for it in your house, and we don’t stock huge numbers of them in our warehouse as a result. So with the caveat that if you don’t get in quickly they may be out of stock, we recommend:

Liberator Sex Positioning Wedge

The Liberator Wedge is a brilliant sex aid and an ideal gift for couples - especially those with greater height differences

Liberator is one of the leading names in sex furniture, and we love the wedge as it helps provide a comfortable lift for all number of sex positions, and is a great Christmas gift for couples of all gender identities. It’s especially useful for couples where height differences can make some of the more adventurous sex positions uncomfortable without extra support.

This sex wedge is made of high density body foam, has a washable cover, and is discreet enough for you to chuck it on the couch as a bolster when you’re not using it for frisky fun. A slightly more affordable option is the Pipedream Ultra Inflatable Position Master with Handles – As the name suggests it is inflatable, so it’s not as firm as the Liberator wedge and you can’t machine wash the cover, but it does pack away neatly and is a more travel friendly option.

Strict Foldable Portable XL Bondage Board

The Strict XL Bondage Board is a great sex positioning furniture option that packs away for easy storage when not in use

This kinky alternative is made of wood, foam and faux leather, and folds out into a full bondage mat, but it can also be raised in the middle to help support your bottom’s body as they maintain whatever position you secure them in – simply use rope, chains or other restraints to secure them to any of the 18 D-ring attachment points around the board. It also makes a great massage board and has a range of possibilities, especially if you’re building a sex room, or needing to convert an existing room into a multi-function space. It’s definitely a one of a kind product though, so if you’re the lucky person who receives this as a Christmas gift – well, we hope you enjoy it!

Seasonal Specials & Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for something extra festive to really turn your Christmas Eve into a celebration worthy of Santa’s naughty list, we have some Christmas gift suggestions for subtle and not-so-subtle tree ornaments, stocking stuffers, Kris Kringle ideas, and some holiday wear for spice up the bedroom.

Wild Secrets 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar

The Wild Secrets Advent Calendar is an ideal Christmas Gift for couples looking to do some sensual exploration this holiday season

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas in style with our Advent Calendar. Within these sleek black boxes, expect a few vibrators, massagers, some restraints, a couple’s ring and a few extra goodies to push your boundaries if you dare. Ideal for opposite sex couples our curated gift selection is designed to bring pleasure to each day of the festive season with a select range of products for people with vulvas, people with penises, and some for you both to enjoy together.

Ornamental Joys

Every year we hang baubles of plastic and glass off a tree, and if you’re wanting  your guests to do a double take when they walk past, try adding a few of these little wonders into the mix

Decorative Butt Plugs

Decorative butt plugs like the Mini Luv Plug make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments
Decorative butt plugs like the Mini Luv Plug make for beautiful Christmas tree ornaments

We have no end of puns for blinging up your booty, and there’s no end of shiny metal butt plugs with gemstones in them – Booty Sparks has a great range, Pipedream have a classy retro gold option in the Mini Luv Plug, and we still love the Adam and Eve 3 Piece Set with Red Heart-Shaped Gem Bases. Sets are much more economical if you’re looking for decorations, but you can get these individually if you’re wanting them in bulk.

Egg Vibrators and Kegel Balls

Kegal Balls, Ben Wa Beads and some bullet vibrators make for cute and unusual Christmas tree ornaments. Alternatively, a Christmas tree makes for a unique display opportunity for your collection of beautiful sex toys.

The neat thing about Kegel Balls and Egg Vibrators is that many of them come with a string for removal. Or hanging off your tree. We love the  Lelo Noir Ben Wa Beads as a simple, classy hanging option. If you’re not afraid to splurge you can also look at Lelo’s Honi 2 Bullet Vibe, or the remote-controlled Hula and Lyla options. Lelo is pricey for a tree ornament, but we do think they look the best if you’re going to go this route.

Stocking Stuffers and Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Sometimes you want a few affordable surprises for stocking stuffers or that office Kris Kringle. And you usually have a strict budget to play with as well. So without breaking the bank, here’s a few options for adding a bit of extra fun to your Christmas gifting.

Dona Massage Oil

Dona massage oils make a great Christmas gift!

The thing about a sensual massage kit as a Christmas gift is that it’s a promise for a loved one, and a laugh in the office. We have a range of massage oils and lubricants, but if you’re on Instagram you may have seen Sex Coach Courtney Nolan post about our Dona Massage Oils.  The Dona range is specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and not contain allergens, so if you haven’t tried massage before, they’re a great, gentle introduction to all things massage!

Get An Adult Game

Image showing Glow In the Dark Sex Dice and the Kama Sutra Year Of Sex Novelty Item
Sex games make great Kris Kringle gifts or Christmas stocking stuffers.

Okay, we’re just going to say it: Sex Dice. There’s a ton of options, for providing  prompts for everything from foreplay to full on sexual intimacy. We love the Glow-in-the-dark Erotic Dice Set by Pipedream, and Kheper Games’ Let’s Fool Around 5 dice set in particular. For opposite sex couples, we also enjoy the 4Play Sex Game, which contains four games in one for increased variety and longevity. Having said that, there’s a game for every occasion, so check out our range of sex games if you’re looking for more options.

Get Your Bondage On

Woman wearing satin blindfold
Bondage has gone more and more mainstream in recent times, and the good news is that individual accessories like this Pipedream Satin Blindfold make for great, affordable additions to any Christmas gift, and can also stand alone as a stocking stuffer or Kris Kringle option

Bondage has gone mainstream and the great news is that getting into it can be really affordable. That and the titter that goes around most public spaces when it’s brought up also makes bondage accessories amazing Kris Kringle gifts. We love Adam and Eve’s Detachable Vegan Leather Cuffs, as they’re usually much more expensive, but if you want the classic look, there’s always the fuzzy handcuff option. If you’re looking  to get started with rope bondage, we recommend Doc Johnson’s Japanese Style Bondage Rope. If you’re buying any of these for a lover, just make sure you understand BDSM basics, and check out our guide to asking for kinky sex if you need tips on opening the conversation.

Just Add Lube

An image of a pump bottle of Water-based Wild Secrets Personal Lubricant
You always need lubricant, and if you’re giving a toy as a Christmas gift, adding lube is a great addition to make sure your recipient doesn’t have to hunt down an open store over the holidays to get some if they’ve run out…

Lube makes everything better. And we always suggest you add it before you feel you need it to ensure you can keep going as long as you want to. Almost nothing kills the mood like a scratch or abrasion on your genitals and lube helps avoid those. A small bottle of water-based lube is a great addition to any sexy gift, and flavoured lubes are great budget gifts in and of themselves.

Festive Holiday Wear

Christmas lingerie is a great seasonal gift option, and is often very affordable
Wild Secrets’ Christmas Lingerie options include the Candy Cane Lane Mesh Teddy, the Candy Cane Lane Chemise Set and the Cheeky Lace Panty with Pom Poms.

Dress up in the spirit of the season and seduce with Christmas Lingerie. From cheeky pom pom panties to the playboy bunny-esque Candy Cane Lane Mesh Teddy, to the Winter Wonderland Bra Set, there are amazing, festive options for women of all sizes.

Final Festive Thoughts

And there you have it! Our giant, giant 2022 Christmas Gift Guide. And as much as we’re in the business of selling you products, here’s the thing to remember – the best gifts are the ones that mean something to you and the person you’re giving them to. Whether it’s a memory, an in joke, or something you know they love, want and wouldn’t buy for themselves, the thought really does count.

So, take your time and select the right present for the right person. They’re worth it – and so is your relationship with them. We’ll wait up for you.

And hurry down the chimney tonight…