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Water-based lubes

Make your ride silky-smooth with our range of body-safe, condom-safe, and easy-to-clean water-based lubricants.

The best range of water-based lubes

Lubricant is an absolute essential for foreplay, toy play and sex, to make your experience more comfortable, fulfiling and enjoyable. A good water-based lube is safe to use with sex toys and latex condoms, so it’s an ultra-popular choice.

At Wild Secrets, we offer the best water-based lubes to incorporate into your sex life, including our very own paraben and glycerin-free Wild Secrets Water-Based Lubricant. We also stock a wide range of popular brands like System JO, Wet Stuff, Vush, Lifestyles, Pjur, and many more.

Why choose water-based lube?

We stock a wide range of different kinds of lubes, including silicone-based, warming, anal-lube, cooling, flavoured, hybrid and organic lubes. But water-based is one of our most popular types. Why? Not only is water-based lube compatible with most toy materials including silicone, it’s also tolerated well by people’s bodies, while being easy to clean up and wash out of sheets or clothing. One of the best things about water-based lube is that it doesn’t stain or leave marks, so you can get as down and dirty as you’d like, without actually getting dirty. Make as much mess as you’d like and take care of it after, it is as simple as that!

Can you use water-based lube for anal?

Water-based lube is perfectly safe to use during anal sex or with anal toys. In fact, it works well in almost every scenario. However, water-based lubes tend to absorb more quickly, so you may need to reapply more regularly, which is fine because there’s no such thing as too much lube!

Is water-based lube edible?

It’s generally safe to ingest a small and unintentional amount of personal lubricant, however, it’s important to know that each product differs in its ingredients. So, to be sure of whether your water-based lube is edible or not, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper use. You’ll find that most flavoured lubes can be swallowed. Ensure you keep your sensual products away from children or pets and keep them in their original packaging.

If you’re looking for a lube that will help you enhance oral play, check out our range of safe, edible, flavoured lubes!

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