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Balls, Bullets, and Eggs

When you want powerful intensity in a discreet and portable package, balls, bullets, and eggs from Wild Secrets can add much to solo or partner play.

We carry 230 different types of miniature vibrators and other toys, each designed to add sensuality and pleasure to any sexual experience.

Sex Is Better With Balls

Ben Wa Balls emerged in Asia hundreds of years ago as both an intimacy enhancer and exercise technique. For the best results, slide them inside the vagina and work them with your pelvic floor muscle, which contracts during orgasm and helps to maximise your pleasure. Using these for exercise can reinvigorate vaginal muscles after childbirth and restore bladder control. 

Feel free to use them anywhere you dare. Safe, effective, and healthy to use regularly, check out our full selection. 

For those seeking a naughtier thrill with ball style toys, we encourage you to try balls and beads on a string for anal use. Their design and action gives you and/or your partner unique and incredible sensations during insertion, use, and removal. 

As always, we recommend that any anal play include one of our wide selection of lubricants and gels for the most pleasurable results possible.

Load Up on Bullets For Yourself Or Your Partner

Keep a rocket in your pocket when you buy from our full selection of bullet style vibrators. These tiny but mighty devices provide sensual stimulation for solo excitement. You can also find any number of creative ways to enjoy them with partners.

Our bullet vibrators can come in waterproof options for shower, hot tub, or pool use. Also, you may take thrills to the next level with remote control operation.

Bullet style vibrators bring powerful stimulation to the clitoris or other external erogenous zones, giving powerful orgasms from a device that can fit neatly in a make-up case or other small bag.

For When You Want Egg-Ceptional Pleasure

The egg vibrator often serves as a woman’s first toy: smaller in size, less intimidating, and usually lower in cost than many other devices. It's wider pear or tear shaped body makes it more effective than the bulletsuitable for vaginal use. 

Our selection of egg style vibrators includes simple, yet effective designs that can achieve various up distinct speeds. We also have a number of options, including remote controllable, for wild partner playtimes. Other automated eggs offer not only different speeds, but also a variety of vibration patterns. 

If you want to eggs-perience self love without the buzz, try our line of manually-operated and disposable eggs from Tenga. Tenga eggs provide a range of different exterior textures designed to add ample stimulation during male masturbation sessions without any accompanying noise.

Check out these and hundreds of other selections among our balls, bullets, and eggs. We strive to provide the best possible erotic toys and accessories throughout USA. 

We encourage you to examine our full range of nearly 10, 000 different adult play products, all designed to bring more pleasure to playtime.

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