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Men’s sex toys

Looking to up your pleasure game? Want to experience new sensations? Ready to add a new dimension to both solo and partnered sex?

Men’s sex toys are just what you need.

Sex toys aren’t just for women. More and more men are beginning to experiment with the growing number of toys geared toward males that are hitting the market. Exciting innovations in the sex toy space have garnered a whole new generation of pleasure-enhancing accessories that are set to change your sex game for good.

Whether you want a discreet toy to incorporate into partnered play or a full-scale sex doll for a unique, out-of-this-world experience, Wild Secrets has you covered.

Learn more about us as our sex toys for men below. Happy shopping.

Types of men’s sex toys

There are so many different ways to experience pleasure. Our diverse collection of men’s sex toys reflects this diversity. Whatever you are into, there’s a toy or accessory that’ll really hit the spot.

Here’s a quick overview of our industry-leading range of sex toys for men.


Sex toy accessories can take a great experience and transform it into an unbelievable one. As well as all-important lube, you’ll find an enticing collection of toys, including cock cages, textured gloves, fleshlight warmers, nipple suckers, and more.

Anal stimulators

Wild Secrets is stocked with anal stimulators of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got plugs and vibrators, as well as training kits for the curious anal newbie.

Cock rings

Cock rings trap blood where it matters, resulting in enhanced sensation and longer-lasting performance. Our range includes vibrating and bullet-compatible cock rings, some of which can be controlled remotely via an app.

Sex dolls

Gone are the days of not-so-sexy blow-up sex dolls. Today, high-end sex dolls are realistic and posable, each with their own unique facial features and body types, so you can really bring your fantasy to life. Here at Wild Secrets, we offer both full-size and partial sex dolls at a whole variety of price points.

Male pumps

Increase blood flow – and size – to the most sensitive parts of the body with a high-performing male pump.


Masturbators come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances. And, with a whole variety of internal textures to choose from, you can indulge in pleasure unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Remote controlled

There’s something exciting about submitting completely to a partner. With a remote-controlled toy, you leave your pleasure in the hands of a partner. If that’s not what you’re into, remote-controlled men’s sex toys are great for solo play too.

Sleeves and extenders

Give your partner that full feeling they crave while giving yourself a uniquely pleasuring massage with a textured sleeve or extenders.


While not for everyone, urethral toys offer an intense, almost painful sensation that many adore. We stock sounding toys for those with experience, as well as dilator sets for those just getting started.

Indulge in a Wild Secret

What are you waiting for? Take your solo or partnered sex to a whole new level with a premium sex toy from Wild Secrets.

When you shop with us, you can enjoy our Best Price guarantee, fast and discreet shipping, and free delivery on all orders over $59.

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