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Sex Dolls

Make your fantasies real with one of our wide selection of lifelike masturbators and sex dolls. 

Sex dolls provide a perfect companion for solo play. Today’s dolls and masturbators feature real-feeling skin and appearance, as well as vibrating action. We also feature a full selection of sex dolls with all of the features that you desire.

Realistic Masturbator Toys

This range features specific body part imitations, in designs that will provide an enhanced and more intense masturbation experience. Wild Secrets promises that you will be delighted with our options in these amazingly real-feeling toys.

Experience the sensations of intimacy with a real porn star.The Sasha Grey vaginal and anal masturbation toy gives you that penetration sensation. UR3 materials will make you swear it’s real.  It even features realistic pubic hair.

Many of our customers love this lifelike torso masturbating toy with shapely breasts and a self-lubricating vagina designed for missionary position style sex play.

Do you want your toy to talk back? This lifelike anal masturbator tells you how she likes it. Positioned for doggie-style type action, the harder you work her bubble-butt the more she wants it.

If oral style masturbation toys are more geared to your preference, we have realistic face and head masturbator devices. A deep oral canal can capably accommodate almost any size while a powerful suction cup holds the toy firmly in place.

Women and guys alike can enjoy a realistic male masturbation doll, complete with muscled chest and an attached eight inch phallus.

Looking for a full range of realistic masturbation fun? Our wildest selection has an eight inch phallus, large breasts that jiggle during play, and a ribbed anal cavity. Indulge all of your wild secret fantasies solo or with an adventuresome partner

Full Body Toys

Wild Secrets also has a range of sex dolls that help you to enjoy a full body fantasy experience for solo or partner play. 

Some will want to enjoy their doll during solo fun time, using their imaginations to bring their fantasies to fruition.

Others love to introduce dolls during intimacy with a partner for spicy role- playing action and other games.

We encourage you to go wild with all of the possibilities that a full body sex doll can offer.

Wild Secrets has a selection of sex dolls in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

One of our most popular selections features realistic appearance, easy use, and three different canals in the oral, anal, and vaginal areas. 

Most of our customers love curvy women - and sex dolls designed to resemble them. The “Mia” doll features large soft breasts, wide hips, and other irresistible charms found on a curvier woman. 

We also offer dolls designed to look like some of our customers’ favourite adult entertainers. Enjoy erotic superstar Jesse Jane with realistic double D breasts, long blonde hair, and a massaging vibrator for maximum stimulation. 

At Wild Secrets we have the best selection of quality sex dolls and lifelike masturbation toys. We have options for the curious and experienced alike. 

Also check out our full range of nearly 10, 000 adult fun time items, all designed for a wide range of different experiences.

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