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G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are specifically shaped to target that sensitive zone so many women and their partners can have difficulty finding. These vibrators generally feature a curved shaft with a bulbous head that reaches the g-spot inside the front wall of the vagina. G-spot vibrators are often touted as one of the most effective ways to reach intense internal orgasm over and over again.

The G-Spot

Named after the man who first documented it, Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the g-spot is located about two to three inches inside the front wall of the vagina. If you're just beginning to explore this part of your body, it can be easier to find if you’re lying on your back and your partner inserts one or two fingers inside your vagina with their palm facing upwards. Ask them to make a ‘come hither’ motion with their fingers. The area that begins to swell inside you is your g-spot. Stimulating the g-spot in this way is actually targeting the deeper, internal part of the clitoris, so it can help if you’re turned on there externally first.

Ready to explore your g-spot? Read on to find your best-suited vibrator.

What To Look For In G-Spot Vibrators

If you're in the market for new sex toys, a g-spot vibrator might be just what you need. Like all vibrators, they come in a variety of styles, each with different features and capabilities. Below are some key points to consider when purchasing your new favourite toy.

Ease Of Use

If you're relatively new to g-spot play, go for something simple and manageable. There’s always time to progress when you feel ready. Slender silicone vibrators with a gently curved shaft and rounded, bulbous head can make it easy to target your g-spot. Look for a g-spot vibrator in a size you’re comfortable with, that’s flexible enough to move with your body, and has easy-to-reach controls.


Vibrators come in a variety of materials. While high-quality silicone is generally the safest, easiest to clean and most durable, you can also purchase g-spot vibrators made from jelly-feel materials or firm, rigid plastics. Think about the sensations you crave, or pick up a few types so you can mix up the action.


Vibrators can be powered by traditional or rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable g-spot vibrators tend to be more powerful than battery-powered ones and are ideal for travel. Most come with a USB cable so you can simply recharge them wherever you have access to a suitable port. It can also be handy to have a battery-powered g-spot vibrator on standby, for those times you forget to recharge and still want to play!


If you plan on using your vibrator when others might be within hearing range, consider one that mentions ‘silent’ or ‘whisper-quiet’ as a feature. Even if a g-spot vibrator doesn't make much noise, the motor can be wickedly powerful.

Vibration Patterns And Speed

We all differ in terms of what pleases us sexually. While some prefer deep, rumbly vibrations, others enjoy light, buzzy sensations. Some like fast vibration speeds, others slow. Some crave constant vibe patterns, others go for variety. When you're shopping for g-spot vibrators, or any other style, check if the speed, pattern and other settings are what will satisfy your body.

Clitoral Stimulation

G-spot orgasms are often more intense when you're able to stimulate the clitoris too. Rabbit vibrators make this easy, especially designs where the head of the shaft is shaped to target your g-spot while the external bunny ears tickle your clitoris. The blended orgasms resulting from both internal and external stimulation can be delightfully powerful.

Browse Wild Secrets' selection of g-spot vibrators and other sex toys to bring added excitement and pleasure to your bedroom.

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