Food Sex: Taking Food Into The Bedroom

A woman with smudged red lipstick holds a strawberry to her lips.

Let’s talk about food sex. That is, using food for sexual pleasure. From whipped cream to that scene in American Pie, you’ve probably heard about it, so here’s the pros, the cons and everything else about enjoying something to bite in the bedroom.

Do you like crumbs in bed?

I heard somewhere that there were two types of people—those who eat food in bed, and those that don’t.

I love the idea of having breakfast and a cup of tea in the warm comfort of a bed. But my husband hates crumbs between the bed sheets. And ever since he pointed it out, I have reluctantly joined the no-food-in-bed camp.

All rules are meant to be broken, though. Like when I’m on holiday and I don’t have to clean up after myself. Then all bets are off and I’ll eat everything in bed, including messy takeout and oily pizza. And I’ll do it while binge-watching trash television and drinking red wine straight from the bottle! And it’s perfectly okay to keep your food play for times you know you won’t have to be the one cleaning it up!

What is food sex?

Food sex has a wide range of meanings for different circumstances and cultures. It can be going for a romantic dinner or eating aphrodisiac food. It might be eating a banana, lollipop or ice cream enthusiastically in front of your partner. Or it could be bringing food into the bedroom as foreplay or entrée. Food sex may include using ice cubes on naked bodies on hot days. Or body shots where you suck alcohol from someone’s navel.

Is food sex fun?

People who like to experiment and have a playful nature are more likely to enjoy food in the bedroom. Depending on what you are doing, I wouldn’t necessarily call it kinky – usually it’s just harmless fun. Or harmless, very enjoyable fun.

Food Sex makes for great foreplay

A bearded man licks a cone piled high with rainbow coloured ice cream. Food sex can be as simple as eating something suggestively.
Ice cream may not be the first food you think of when it comes to suggestive eating, but it’s certainly possible…

Some people might enjoy a date out at a restaurant. Just the idea of someone else cooking and cleaning up afterwards can you give the chance to relax and unwind for the evening. Women may consider this time as foreplay, so it’s an opportunity for you to flirt with each other or eat food seductively. You could also order phallic food like hot dogs and sausages.

Food sex can begin in the kitchen while you are preparing a meal. Or it can start on a hot day with your surprising your partner surprised by melting an ice cube on the back of their neck.

The 1980s film Nine ½ Weeks uses food and ice in a sensual way. Mickey Rourke asks Kim Basinger to close her eyes and guess different foods he pulls out of the fridge. Later he uses cold water and ice cubes to tickle her naked body while she’s wearing a blindfold, which heightens her other senses. Just make sure you’ve had a conversation with your partner first if you want to mix BDSM into your food play, and don’t use the film as a guide!

What foods are good for food sex?

A woman lies on a bed, surrounded by chocolate. One fingertip is trapped in her pursed lips.
Chocolate is a pretty good choice for food sex – it melts with body heat, is usually easy to see, and fun to lick off your partner.

A platter of fresh fruit and whipped cream are always a good choice! If they’re in season, add a bowl of fresh cherries. Try seductively nibbling on your strawberries, bananas, and peaches, and maybe pat some cream on your nipples for your partner to lick off.

Some people might enjoy enthusiastically sucking melting chocolate off their partner’s fingers. You can also lick honey or caramel sauce off their naked body.

There are also specific edible items designed for bedroom fun that you may want to explore:

Oral Sex Candy

Pipedream’s BJ Blast is an oral sex popping candy designed for food sex. It does contain sugar though, so may not be great for cunnilingus,

You can buy popping candy designed for oral sex. Pipedream’s BJ Blast comes in green apple, strawberry and cherry flavours for example. The pop rocks react with your saliva to fizz and explode in your mouth – and around his penis. Make sure you test a small area first with a small amount before pouring the whole bag into your mouth!

Edible Undies and Candy Novelties

If you are more adventurous, you can wear an edible candy bra and edible undies. Your partner might find the idea silly, so you can expect lots of laughter. It was definitely a once-off experience for me, but you may really get off on it! The gummy did taste good though!

Edible Cock Rings

Edible, gummy cock rings do exist, but the ones I found weren’t any good as an actual cock ring. The hole inside was tiny – it basically fit around my a pinkie finger! And when I pulled at either side the lolly ripped. I’m not saying don’t buy them, but be aware of what you may be getting.  Given how ordinary the flavours were, I probably won’t get them again.

Edible Body Paints and Chocolate

Edible body pens are available in a range of different flavours, letting you draw all over your partner’s body and then lick it off. You might like to sketch the tattoo designs you’d like to get one day!

If you’re a good cook you can make your own Choc Peppermint Body Paint. I’ve also seen them for sale in white, milk, dark and strawberry flavours. The shop bought ones are a bit like chocolate ice magic that you put on ice cream – which could also work. You can apply these with a mini paintbrush, but a chocolate body pen might be better.

You can also find suggestive silicone moulds and biscuit cutters to make edible body part shaped treats.  Personally, I’m planning on purchasing some after-dinner breasts and penises for my wedding anniversary – just as a lark!

What foods are bad for food sex

Avoid food sex when you have any open cuts (such as from shaving) or if your skin is feeling sensitive for whatever reason. Avoid any food that might fall apart or crumble with pressure. Also, don’t put anything inside of you that’s not safe to be there!

Be aware that hot or cold foods can turn a hard penis flaccid very quickly! If you do want to go there, make sure you talk about your preferences on temperature play before trying it. And always ask for feedback – like “Is the temperature, okay?” or “Do you like how that feels?”

Be careful of or avoid any foods that include:

  • Sugar – this can cause yeast infections, especially for people with vulvas
  • Capsaicin (chilli) – unless you really like that burning sensation on your bits
  • Salt and/or Vinegar – these can sting
  • Coconut oil – this can deteriorate latex condoms and sex toys. Use polyurethane condoms instead!
  • Any food you or your partner are allergic to or intolerant of

You could place food on your naked body to be nibbled off. But don’t lie there waiting for your partner to come home, like Samantha did in Sex in the City. Sushi served on a naked body is called nyotaimori style. However, raw fish and the risk of salmonella make this a bad idea.

If you’re playing at home, be aware that some food will stain your bed sheets. Red wine and all things beetroot come to mind! If you have expensive bed sheets or want to protect your mattress, then you can find sex blankets that have a waterproof backing. These are ideal for use with massage oils or messy food sex.

Food sex safety tips

A bright red cherry sits in a person
If you’re planning on eating food off each other, make sure it’s hygienically prepared.

Wash any food well prior to play. If you’re going to insert it, pop a condom over the top of it. Food can carry bacteria, so it’s best to keep them external to your body. Avoid using hot food that may become lukewarm after some time and breed bacteria.

Also, take care and ensure you clean up properly afterwards. Throw away any uneaten food, and remember to wash your toys straight away – preferably with a good toy cleaner. If needed, change your bedsheets! And pop yourselves into the shower to remove any missed cream or residue.

My partner wants to try food sex, but I’m not keen, what do I do?

It’s okay to say to no to food sex. Be open to negotiating different ideas and ask some more questions. What is behind the interest? Perhaps they’re craving some novelty and variety. So, you could spice things up with different positions or new sex toys. If your partner is turned on by scents and aromas, get them ready for romance by cooking some cinnamon biscuits or spicy stews. Alternatively, you might like to start small with some flavoured lube or flavoured condoms. Or you could try some scented massage oil, candles or aromatherapy. For a more visual individual, there are body-safe adult toys that are shaped like fruit and vegetables. Think silicone bananas, eggplants, chillis, cucumbers, and cherries among others.

Whatever the case, be frank and open about your preferences. If you’ve tried food sex before and ended up with an annoying yeast infection, then it’s perfectly understandable you might not want to do that again! If in doubt, just be honest with your partner. You deserve to be in a relationship where you can feel like an equal and your wishes are respected. And if that means no food sex, that’s okay too!

If you are mindful of good hygiene practices when using food, then food sex can be an enjoyable addition to your sexytimes. If you’re on a budget, book a big hot date with your partner at home with some ice or a fruit platter and a simple blindfold. And whether you choose to indulge or not, I hope these tips inspire you to add some spice to your sex life!