Does Price Matter With Sex Toys?

Sometimes, cheaper is better. For example, you can often find me browsing the ‘on special’ cabinet in my local supermarket. I also get most of my clothes from second-hand stores, and most of the furniture in my house was plucked off the side of the road. I love a bargain as much as the next person, and if you’re like me maybe you look at sex toys and ask: Does price really matter?  In a word: yes. We use these items intimately – often, they literally go inside us – which means that their quality is paramount.

I’ve been a victim of cheap sex toys. There was the ‘rechargeable vibrator’ that ran out of charge in about 50 seconds and really took the concept of edging to a new, frustrating level. There was the ‘waterproof’ vibrator that broke as soon as I used it in the shower. And then there was the vibrating egg with a long electrical cord that frayed within a week. And I’m luckier than some – just Google ‘cheap sex toy horror stories’ and you’ll be putting sex toys on lay-by in no time.

TL;DR: these stories typically involve electric shocks from faulty parts.  Or painful rashes from materials that aren’t body-safe. Sometimes, even broken parts that end up getting lost where things should never ever be lost. Search at your own risk.

Personally, I find the risks of cheap sex toys – like harming your body or even worse, missing out on an orgasm – just aren’t worth it. But if you’re still on the fence, let’s break down what convinced me – and then you can make up your own mind!

Cheap Sex Toys Vs. Pricier Sex Toys – What’s the Difference?

Safer sex toy materials cost more

A collection of glass dildos
The borosilicate glass used in sex toys is hypoallergenic, shatter-resistant and beautiful, but it is a pricier material. If you want more information check out the Wild Secrets guide to sex toy materials.

We use  sex toys in our most intimate places. As such, it’s reasonable to demand high-quality materials. When I’m looking for sex toys, I always go for products that are made from non-porous, body-safe sex materials, like silicone, hard plastics (like ABS plastic), glass, metal or ceramic.

Some cheaper sex toys from less reputable companies contain toxic materials that you don’t want in or around your body. Other budget sex toys can be made from porous materials that can trap moisture and bacteria and lead to infections. They might be body-safe but need extra care and attention. Polyurethane, TPR and TPE toys need to be cleaned after every use with anti-bacterial toy cleaner, used with a condom, and not shared with anyone else. That’s a lot of effort, and for can  defeats the purpose of a toy in the first place. But if you’re concerned about price, or want a specific feel of toy, they can be for you.

Premium sex toys have better design

A model holds the Lelo Enigma Cruise vibrator by her face. Better design can make premium sex toys worth the price.
The Lelo Enigma Cruise is a favourite of just about every woman who’s tried it. It’s definitely higher priced than many sex toys, but the design, materials and the pleasure it delivers justify the price.

We engineer premium sex toys are for pleasure. And it shows. Cheap sex toys are often plasticky, tacky to touch, or have seams that can be irritating. Many are mass-produced without much thought for pleasure or shape. While it certainly varies from toy to toy, when you pay a bit more in price, you can expect a sleeker design, nicer colours, smoother edges, and softer silicone. You’ll literally feel the quality in a premium sex toy, because high-quality silicone feels like velvet.

Similarly, you’ll feel the benefits of premium ergonomic design in a high-end sex toy like the Lelo Enigma Cruise. You’ll also get more out of the vibration functions of premium toys, with the sensations carefully chosen and backed by plenty of research and testing. There are cheaper versions of these sex toys out there – but the amount of effort and time put into designing and manufacturing the premium counterparts makes a huge difference in how well the toys function, feel and last.

Think about a sex toy’s longevity as part of its price

A Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus on a table. When buying sex toys, considering the price of replacing a toy should be part of your consideration.
The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 2+ comes with a 15 year warranty. We don’t always think about the replacement cost of sex toys when we consider price, but with a Satisfyer, you probably won’t have to!

If you know the sensations you like, a higher priced, premium toy can save you money in the long-run. Not to mention time if a cheaper one breaks down on you. A high-quality sex toy is an investment, and will last for years if you take care of it. Even in the rare case that it breaks, it may well have a decent warranty, so you can get it repaired or replaced. Some toys – even great mid-range ones like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 2+ – come with warranties of up to 15 years!

Premium sex toys provide deeper & more complex sensations

High-quality sex toys provide a wider range of functions, features and sensations, and this opens up a more diverse world of pleasurable experiences. From multiple speeds and vibration patterns, to heating, waterproofing, or app control, the extra functions all come at a cost. Higher priced toys also let manufacturers put in more powerful motors that can create stronger vibrations and sensations for an even more intense experience. Or quieter ones for discreet, on-the-go fun.

A dark skinned woman holds the Womanizer Duo 2 vibrator against her leg
As sex toys increase in price they also tend to increase in features, like the Womanizer Duo 2‘s Afterglow setting that drops the vibrations down to their lowest power for a post-orgasmic pleasure high.

And if you’re looking for the cutting edge of sex tech, you’ll only find that in the luxury sex toy range. The Womanizer Duo 2‘s Afterglow function, for example, brings the vibrator to a lower setting once you’ve reached orgasm. It also has an automatic shut-off when the vibrator loses contact with your skin, which is great for edging – or unannounced visitors. I also enjoy its multiple levels of sensation including vibration, suction and pulsating waves, which combine to give complex, blended orgasms. You won’t find these features in a basic budget vibrator.

Sex toys aren’t status symbols

Unlike other premium products like cars, clothes or appliances, sex toy brands aren’t something most people are going to judge you on. When you buy a premium sex toy, you’re paying for great features and more pleasure – not the designer brand name or a status symbol. So, when it comes to sex toys, price is a pretty good indication of genuine quality – at least for now. Maybe one day we will walk around with our vibrators proudly sticking out of our pockets like the latest iPhone. But until then, you really do get what you pay for.

You Can Get Great Sex Toys At Decent Prices

Buying a new sex toy doesn’t have to deplete your savings. In fact, if you’re new to using sex toys and are still figuring out what you like, it can be better to buy a few affordable sex toys so that you get an idea of what you like, before you purchase something more expensive.

The Adam & EveGouble Ended Glass Dildo is both a dildo and a butt plug, with a swirled texture for added pleasure. It
This Double Ended Glass Dildo from Adam & Eve is a budget friendly option that is still made from a body-safe, premium material. It’s also great for temperature play.

There are great affordable entry-level sex toys out there, like this Metal Butt Plug, this Double Ended Glass Dildo, or Eve’s Bliss Rabbit Vibrator. These items are fairly basic compared to more luxury items, but they are fantastic if you’re on a tight budget or just want to explore your options. There are cheaper options out there though, so feel free to explore. All of our  products are made with body-safe materials  and sourced from reputable manufacturers, so you’re always safe shopping  with Wild Secrets!

If you have more budget to play with, you can open yourself up (perhaps literally) to a wider range of toys and sensations. There are fantastic mid-range options out there, like this Vibrating Anal Bead Stick or the Wild Secrets Thrill Vibrating Couple’s Ring. Then, there is a whole world of premium sex toys out there, like the Dolce Couple’s Vibrator or the best-selling Female Pump With Tongue & Vibrating Handle.

Tips for Picking a Sex Toy You’ll Love

Not sure how to choose the best sex toy for your needs and price range? Here are some things to ponder:

  • What experience/s do you want to have? Do you want a reliable item that you have used before, or do you want to try something new?
  • Do you want to use the toy alone, or with someone else?
  • Which body parts of your body do you want to target? Just one spot like your clitoris, anus or G-spot, or do you want to target multiple pleasure zones at the same time?
  • What sensations do you want to feel? High-frequency vibrations? Suction? Pulses? What intensity do you want?
  • Do you want internal stimulation or external stimulation? Or both?
  • What’s your budget? Would you prefer an entry-level item that offers more basic settings, or something more luxurious that will take your pleasure to a whole new level?

In general, I go for the best toy I can afford. Putting cost before quality could be hazardous to your health (and your orgasms). We know spending $10 for a sex toy is tempting if you’re on a budget – but spending an extra $20 to $30 is worth it if it means you will get something made from body-safe, high-quality and long-lasting materials. If you really want the real-feel skin sensation provided by porous TPR and TPE materials, use condoms during play, and avoid sharing your sex toys with casual partners. Remember that a sex toy is an investment in your (and perhaps your partner’s) sexual pleasure and health. So don’t sell yourself short!

So Does Price Matter With Sex Toys?

When you spend more on a premium sex toy, you are paying for worry-free pleasure. Also better design, more functions, and a better warranty. Budget sex toys are great if you’re tight on cash or wanting to try new things, but they’re cheap for a reason. Society might teach us to neglect our sexuality and not make it a priority in our lives – but I think my pleasure is worth it. If you have more budget to play with, get yourself a premium sex toy. You might just be gifting yourself the best orgasms of your life. And that’s priceless.

Anyway , that’s enough from me. Get out there, spread your wings (legs?), and fly.

Wild Secrets offers a Best Price Guarantee so you always know you’re getting the best deal when you shop with us.