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Men’s Anal Toys

Ready to get into a little butt stuff? From prostate massagers, to anal beads, butt plugs, anal dildos and anal vibrators, we stock a range of men’s anal toys in different shapes, sizes and materials, suitable for partnered or solo play. So whatever your sexual orientation, personal preference or level of anal experience, we’ve got an option for you.

Not sure which anal toy is right for you? Check out our guide below.

Ready for a mind-blowing prostate orgasm?

Ever heard of the male g-spot? Otherwise known as your p-spot, your prostate gland can feel really (really) good when stimulated, leading to more powerful, full-body orgasms. And the fastest way to your p-spot? The mighty anus of course. So, if you’re ready to take your orgasm to the next level, it's time to introduce some butt play to the bedroom.

Prostate Massagers

Perfectly curved to help you locate and stimulate the prostate, these backdoor beauties sit comfortably inside you, sending shock waves throughout your entire body. Our range of prostate stimulators include vibrating anal massagers and massagers with adjustable heads to help you find just the right spot. Many toys are also designed to hit the perineum (aka your taint), stimulating the prostate from inside and out!

Anal Beads For Men

For that satisfying ‘pop’! A more gentle anal toy, anal beads are small and easy to insert, so they’re great for beginners and for training for bigger things, like pegging. Anal beads can be used during masturbation, oral or penetrative sex. They’re loved for providing a feeling of being ‘filled up’, and the release that comes when each bead is ever so slowly pulled out.

Butt Plugs For Men

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of anal play, or you’re looking for something that packs a punch, anal plugs can be used in partnered or solo play for bigger, better orgasms. From silicone anal training kits, to glass and steel plugs for a more intense feeling, to remote control vibrating plugs, we’ve got a huge range of anal plugs to help you introduce a little fun into your life.

Anal Dildos

View our selection of anal dongs and dildos for intense penetrative play. Our selection of anal dildos include realistic textured shafts, vibrating remote control dildos, hand-held thrusters. Slimline styles are great for beginners, or go for a wider girth for that satisfying feeling of fullness.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators deliver powerful pulsating internal stimulation that sends vibrations throughout your entire body. Sounds pretty good, right? From vibrating butt plugs and anal beads, to vibrating prostate massagers, dildos and more. Let your partner take control, or use the remote to go hands-free if you’re flying solo.

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